The Past Year and Better ME!

Greetings! In all I have an awful lot to write about regarding my past year, but if you want the short, I am well and off my medications, and doing better than I have been in a long time. I am at high levels of production and creativity and only run the risk of not sleeping long enough, ha!


A week ago I did get out the mental hospital. The ambulance took me away a week prior to that after I ate some poisonous berries, but they kept me much longer than I needed and would not let me leave until I agreed to take some Haldol. I feel it helped me sleep more, but upon leaving, my appetite has been high and I have reverted to a terrible diet again due to moving around so much and not being settled.


Now some back story:

A year and four months ago I decided to take a chance and see what else is out there. I med a great guy at the right time and followed him across the country. Since then we have had many ups and downs, which makes sense since we are both bipolar. Despite any hardships I had along the way, I am grateful I learned to move past the blocks much faster and start actually giving what I know as my capabilities a chance. I stopped taking medications last January when we became engaged and since then I have learned to have fun along the way all the time like I have always wanted. Arts, music, study, spiritual persuits, etc. I am now doing them all and and have things moving along finally. I learned various arts since last year and now have a great time integrating them all like a movie director. Lol.

I am not writing long, but will update my insights and journey as I am working on these other things. If you would like to stay up to date on them please follow @foxx_medicine and check out the facebook page Fox Medicine Craft & Tools ( )

Blessings and Love,



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