Hyper-Sexual Activity A

This post is most different from the rest. That is my warning.

I’ve been playing with the idea of becoming a professional dominatrix recently. I do need more activity in my life. I cannot do the heavy cardio stuff or anything that puts too much pressure on my knees because I have a ruptured ACL. It means that my knee can collapse very easily. I wear a very expensive knee brace on a daily basis for this. Anyways, it means I’ve also just been doing light things like lifting with my arms and going for long walks, not runs or jogs.

Recently I have been toying with the idea of becoming a professional dominatrix. I have an account on fetlife if you want to find me. I need more physical activity to get out frustrations and whipping a willing slave has been working for me lately; And ordering them around too… I find myself needing variety. It’s not enough to just have 4 or 5 slaves… I want a harem.

Does this sound odd or weird? I am inclined to believe that most people have some sort of “kink,” and my encounters, only affirm all this. Yes, I keep a tab on this, but I won’t reveal it just yet. Tee hee!

Another view is that perhaps I am emotionally immature not wanting commitment just yet. I am ready to move to the next level of my life, having kids and all, but I still want to live out my fantasies and participate and all my fetishes. So perhaps I just have not found the right person yet. Hahahha. One who can do all this and more. Then again, does it really have to be looked at as a maturity issue? I don’t think so. It all is just really spice in my curry or spice in my soup.

I guess conventional would be the bland taste. Of course I have nothing against conventional, because it fits in very well when I am tired of doing so much :p

This post will be related to a post I have in the future about hyper-sexuality. Hyper-sexuality is a symptom of bipolar disorder, but I think even in control of my impulses and not either manic or depressed, I am quite sexual. Hahaha!

I guess it may be important to say right here that I practice safe sex. I do not have sex with all my slaves. We all get tested. And we all have developed a relationship based on trust and commitment to our health and well being.

Side-note over… and back to hyper-sexuality. My doctor thinks my hyper-sexuality is a symptom and wants to prescribe me a mood stabilizer. We’ll get to medications soon as well. I wonder what will happen… sigh. I want to still have fun… and I’m sure I can do it in an exclusive relationship too… wow look, another topic for the future! Lol.

Talk to yall soon,



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