Missing Medications and a Support Group

It was not my fault. Not all my fault. It was my doctor’s.

I ran out of medications the day I saw my doctor last. She was to refill it but the pharmacy did not receive the prescription. That was also the day the clinic was closed for an entire two weeks. I was very upset. I sound clear minded now, but that’s because I am. I have to praise this very very rare moment of clarity.


I went through withdrawal symptoms: suicidal ideation, headaches, chills, and severe depressions of hopelessness and a bit of dissociation. I did not go to see a doctor and instead sought the support of my friends. Of course no one is on the same medications I am on, but that also wouldn’t work anyways. It takes at least two weeks to feel the effects of some of these drugs, and I’m about to run out of my other prescription as well.

I wish my doctor warned me that the clinic would be closed for two weeks. She only told me the usual, “see you in two weeks” or “see you in three weeks.” Not, the clinic is going to be closed for the next two weeks, see you then.

So how did I cope with all this? I just handled it. I slept for many hours, stayed indoors, and texted with many friends who reminded me they cared for me. I put all self harming devises out of reach and went to sleep when I had ideas. My support group really helped me through this. I advise having a support group, because I remember when I didn’t have a support group and actually attempted suicide. As you can tell, I lived… and I’m glad I did. Now I can inform the public.

It’s not good to be stubborn. I should have gone to the hospital, but everything turned out well. If you don’t go, just be well. Eat plenty, drink plenty, and spend time with friends.  Let them know where you are at mentally. Keep them up-to-date on your feelings, thoughts, and what you are doing in case they have some insight you could use.

This leads me into my next project. It seems that at my school there are actually a large number of people with bipolar disorder, and I’m sure the support groups are light to nil. Again, it is not good to have no support group. Get one! Join some community groups. Where I live, there is a group called Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). (http://www.dbsalliance.org) It is very small where I live, and I want to build it up. Right now there are so many “old” people. Hahahaha. I want there to be younger people such as myself mixing well with the older people, so I will work on spreading the word. Support me you all in my endeavors!

Peace Be With You 🙂


P.S. Sorry for any jumping around in advance 🙂




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