Impulsive Spending

Impulsive Spending is a marketable characteristic of mania, don’t you agree. Well Impulsivity is one, and spending sprees are another; separate characteristics but essentially the same thing in terms of mania. I’ve read about and know many bipolar persons in debt because of that function in their brain that un-inhibits them and allows everything impulsive, from simple gambling (perhaps because you feel in-sync with the universe) to buying airline tickets abroad… and then going!

Some of the things I have done hardly compare, perhaps because I have no credit card! Hahaha!

Does a person going on these spending sprees regret any of these things? Many of the times I’ve went on sprees I have not. I tend to buy things that compliment my image or are investments for the future. I guess I have a practical functional approach that saves me many of the times. Other times, it is just me spending money on my friends… so it’s good to be my friend, especially if you like food.

But let us consider those who harbor guilt and regret. I think these types tend to spiral into depression at a much faster rate than others due to stress regarding their activities, that they really cannot afford. I do not know and cannot seem to find the facts and figures, but I do hear (not hearsay though), from doctors and other persons with bipolar disorder that most bipolar patients have more and longer depressed episodes than manic episodes, but I am not sure that is necessarily a good thing. Perhaps coming out of Depression, one spirals high into mania and just does whatever strikes their fancy, much like me.

So what does impulsive spending signify? Confidence and/or trust in the Universe? Or is it perhaps a convoluted way of self medicating and if so, medicating what? It’s both! We are self medicating our Self-Esteem. Many subjects in a manic phase display a sense of grandiosity. For me, that’s just another way of including narcissistic personality disorder. Hahaha! I admit I am a narcissist. Anyways, in order to support the grandiose life style, it only makes sense to spend money like diamonds. (Diamonds are quite common by the way); and in supporting this life style, we tend to really trust that the Universe/God and we will be able to support this habit. And with so much confidence, it is easy to not need to look forward to the consequences because again, it will all just work itself out for the best. Yes! Manic individuals are very optimistic as well. So this insane mixture of personal awesomeness, universal favor, and desire gives us impulsive spending potential and kinetic energy.

How do we stop this? The only way is to train the self to look at the “Real” potential consequences and learn from experiences first and secondhand. For me, I “got real” when I started a budget sheet and realized I would be completely at zero dollars right around the end of the month. That reformed me fast, but I do realize that when I do have money, I will be able to rationalize my spending habits again, and so will others with impulsive habits.

My next article will probably be on redefining reality.

Thanks for reading 😀

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2 thoughts on “Impulsive Spending

  1. brad says:

    I wasted all my money for greyhound to texas randomly then hitchhiked the san diego from there and used rest on hostels and drinks

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