Character and Purpose

On an Early Sunday afternoon, I decided to start what I have been intending to do for ages (since January 15, 2010 about 9ish-am); And what is that, start a blog. It took an additional two minutes to decide that I most certainly needed to have a blog investigating the world of bipolar disorder inside me and outside me.

I’m also curious about the entire creative aspect associated with mood disorders. One, because well, I have bipolar disorder, and since a child, always had a talent for the arts, 2d, 3d, and performing. Who else out there has a creative talent of some sort? I’ll be investigating this.

I will also be investigating what everyone hates. I’m sure if I can manage to memorize or keep a list on me at all times, I can have more agreeable people in my life. Hahaha! Sure I am loving to others, but then I must see if there are others out there like me too (euphemistic) “unique” to exactly fit in. What do you do to fit in without losing yourself? I will be investigating that too.

But overall, as you can probably tell, I’m not organized right now at all. I’m not exactly ranting with pressured speech or any other speech impediments my doctor likes to point out. This… COULD… be a good sign. I don’t know.

I have yet to figure myself out.


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